Kent Water Purifiers

Water is the source of our life.It nurtures and sustains all life forms and is among anture's most preciour gift to manking.Today's Not only the quantity of water has decreased,the quality of water too has deteriorated.Water these days has become unfit for human consumption due to increaisng impurities and can lead to serious health hazards.

KENT Innovate-The best solution for water purification which not only removes harmful dissolved impurities like Arsenic,Rust,Fluoride,Heavy metals etc,apart from bacteria and viruses but also retains essential natural minerals in purified water.

KENT Mineral Ro purifiers are based on the ground-breaking computer controlled patented mineral Ro Technology.It combines the best of both RO and UV purification process,while eliminating the limitations of a single technology.

Our Company

N.K Purifier Company was started on 16 May 2009 With the Delership of Kent Ro Water Purifier Company,and now our company is working as a Distributer and Service Center of Kent Purifier Company in Sri Ganganagar District.

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